About Us

The Luxury Archive was founded in Denmark in 2017 by Victor Hansen and our goal is to be a recognized supplier of vintage high end clothing, footwear and accessories all around Europe.

The global trend of shopping vintage garments really has boomed throughout the latest years. And it’s easy to spot why. Who doesn’t want to add unique pieces of clothing to their wardrobe for a price far lower than retail AND at the same time help the environment? Let’s then pretend that these pieces of clothing are not only unique, they’re also from the biggest luxury fashion houses of Europe. You’re still in?

Well, we are. Because that’s exactly the concept of our archive; to provide you with rare vintage garments from the absolute top of luxury designer brands. All of this, while our pictures, descriptions, size guide and condition chart will make sure that your shopping experience won’t be any different from visiting the local thrift shop yourself. Except for the incomparable standard of course…

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