Condition Chart

Have you ever purchased a piece of clothing which arrived in another condition than you expected? Well, that’s not going to happen when buying from The Luxury Archive.

Deciding the condition of vintage clothing is a very subjective process – a flaw that you might find unacceptable, someone else might not even notice. At The Luxury Archive, like with our size guide, we always aim to let our customers be 100 % clarified with our products before buying. Therefore, all serious flaws will always be pictured and described on the product pages. But in addition we’ve also put together a condition chart to make you judge the overall condition of each of our products in a matter of seconds.

We strive for the flawless condition of our high end vintage clothing, although it is important to keep in mind that it’s not unusual that we hold pieces which are 20 years old. Accordingly, some minor signs of wear should almost always be expected. But as mentioned previously, any imperfection not being general signs of wear will always be clearly described in all product listings. Please note as well that we do our very best describing the condition of the garments but that we’re also human and might overlook some details sometimes.

Our vintage designer clothing are graded for their overall condition using the following categories.


As perfect as the day it was originally sold, absolutely no flaws or signs of wear

Shows signs of wear but has no noticeable flaws

Very good
Shows normal wear expected for its age and/or has minor flaws that will however not detract

Shows obvious wear and flaws that can however often be fixed

Shows numerous flaws with a certain need for repairs


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